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2200 Sutterville Road
Sacramento, CA (916) 456-8742
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Serving the beginner to the serious musician since 1963.

Musical Instrument Rentals in Sacramento, California

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You can reserve your rental instrument in advance CLICK HERE:  Online Rental Application   
We carry the highest quality rental instruments at the most afforable cost. 100% of your rent goes toward the purchase.
You can't beat this deal!

Kline Music is located in Sacramento, California, and provides instrument rental services to students and musicians throughout the area. These instruments are great for school band, orchestra or individuals who wish to learn to play a musical instrument.

"Making music engages the brain systems and thus is the best 'brain exercise' known. Music is an essential component of the full development of the human brain, which is the ultimate resource of planet Earth."
— Norman M. Weinberger — Professor, Department of Neurobiology and Behavior, University of California, Irvine

Quality Instrument Rentals

All of our instruments are guaranteed to be in top playing condition, with each one thoroughly cleaned and tested before it leaves our music store. A two-month minimum rental is paid in advance on all rentals and 100% of the rental fees paid can be applied to the purchase price of the instrument that you rent. With this method of payment, there is zero interest and no hidden costs. Rental instruments may be covered by your homeowner's insurance (check with your agent).

During the first year of your instrument rental, we include free maintenance for normal wear.

 Monthly Rental Rates
Band & Orchestra Instruments New Used
Flute $28 $20
Piccolo $28 $20
Clarinet $28 $20 
Bass Clarinet $55 $45
Oboe $45 $35
Alto Sax $45 $35
Tenor Sax $55 $45
Soprano Sax $60 $60
Baritone Sax $125 $125
Trumpet $28 $20
Cornet $28 $20
Trombone $28 $20
French Horn $55 $40
Euphonium/Baritone Horn $55 $40
Tuba $100 $100
Violin $25 – $35 $20 - $35
Viola $25 $20
Cello $45 - $55 $35 - $45
Double Bass $75 $75
Combo Instruments New or Used

Guitar (steel string, classical, electric)


Electric Bass Guitar








Snare Drum Kit


Percussion Kit (Bell Kit)


Combo Drum & Bell Kit


Keyboard (Yamaha 76 keys)


Keyboard (Yamaha 88 keys)


Folk Harps

New or Used

Ravenna 26 (C & F sharpening levers)


Allegro    26 (full-sharpening levers)


Ravenna 34 (full-sharpening levers)


Note: All harps include a case and tuning wrench.

 Rental Rate per night

New or Used

Mini PA System with 2 mics and audio cable


 Please call in advance to reserve a PA.

Contact us in Sacramento, California, to learn about our quality instrument rental options.