Drum Lessons

 The drum instructor at Kline teaches an array of styles, such as jazz, rock 'n' roll, and salsa. The instructors set their own rates, and they teach Monday-Saturday If you are interested in learning about our drum instructors, feel free to browse their biographies below.





On drums, at Kline, we have three-time Sammy winner Tony Dey!

Tony has been playing drums for over fifty years and teaching for over thirty years. He has toured the world with major stars like Linda Ronstadt, Mike Bloomfield, Van Morrison and is one of Sacramento's most sought-after drummers. Tony's method of teaching employs a rich catalog of rhythmic stylings, proper technique and the reading of drum notation and a wide range of styles including Jazz, Swing, Rock, Funk, Country, Reggae, Zydeco, Cajun, Blues, R&B, Brazilian and Salsa.

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